Petit Vignemale (3.032m), Epaule Chausenque (3.154m), Pointe Chausenque (3.204m), Pitón Carré (3.197m), Vignemale (3.299m), Clot de la Hount (3.289m), Aguja Superior del Clot de la Hount (3.115m), Aguja Inferior del Clot de la Hount (3.050m) and Cerbillona (3.248m) from Gave d'Ossoue (1.774m)

Distance 12,16 km *
Maximum Elevation 3.299 m
Minimum Elevation 1.774 m
Total Ascent 1.730 m *
Total Descent 1.730 m *
Regions Altos PirineosHuescaAragónOccitaniaEspañaFrancia
  • Minimum values calculated based on the ideal path by drawing a straight fictitious line between milestones. They should be taken as a mere reference, as they may differ to a greater or lesser extent depending on the terrain topology and the actual traveled path.


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