Arista Este del Lekanda (PD+), Lekanda (1.309m), Igalirrintza (1.304m), Aranobaltza (1.284m), Kutxak (1.211m), Arteta (1.173m), Atxausieta (1.161m), Uresartutendan Atxa (1.185m), Gorosteta (1.259m), Arrabakoatxa (1.177m), Artalarra (1.163m) and Gaztarrieta (1.182m) from Pagomakurre (883m)

Distance 8,6 km *
Maximum Elevation 1.309 m
Minimum Elevation 883 m
Total Ascent 543 m *
Total Descent 543 m *
Regions VizcayaPaís VascoEspaña
  • Minimum values calculated based on the ideal path by drawing a straight fictitious line between milestones. They should be taken as a mere reference, as they may differ to a greater or lesser extent depending on the terrain topology and the actual traveled path.


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